Friday, February 24, 2012

Our most expensive lego ever!

Well today was an eventful day-we haven't had many or those days lately-ha! I was getting ready to go to PT today when Analeigh came running into my bathroom and said she had a bug up her nose.  I said "a bug-up your nose-did it fly up your nose?"  Not thinking anything about the lego set she got this week for her forth b-day and the fact it had cute tiny little flowers, bugs and butterflies on it.   Then it hit me and I went running out to the lego set and sure enough-one of the two little lego ladybugs was missing and she was still crying.  So I rush her back into the bathroom and with a flashlight look up her nose.  Sure enough the other lady bug was up her nose!
We tried blowing it spray nose spray up it and even tweezers-but nothing made it come out.  A quick call to the Dr. Office-drove there like a crazy women and ran in only to be told to have a seat and wait because she was breathing ok.  We waited a hour and half to be seen, by this time it had swollen some and they could not remove the ladybug without pushing it in further, so a call to a ENT in town, who could not see us until 3:30.  Mind you she hadn't eaten and now was a mess, crying, scared, tierd and hungry.  She still was my brave, sweet, happy girl.
We came home and waited for 3:30 to arrive.  We got to the ENT and he checked her out and took all our information.  He put her in this chair that went all the way back and took out this really long, skinny, hook like tool and dug around and pulled and it came out.  PRAISE THE LORD.  I was really scared we were going to be going to the hosptial for surgery.  I was never so excited to have something come out of my child's nose. lol
It has been an exhausting, very stressful day, but I am so thankful that God got us through this and everything came out ok-literally. :)
The most expensive lego we own-$75.00 later we have it in our hand and not our nose anymore.

Analeigh, so excited that the ladybug is now in her had and not her nose.

Actually not so little-I was shocked it fit up that cute little nostril. 
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BARBIE said...

I a so thankful the ENT was able to retrieve the bug. Been praying! What a cute little, and now expensive lady bug!