Monday, June 27, 2011

Where has the month gone?

Not sure where the time since May 27th has gone,the last time I posted, but I was so shocked when I got on here to post today and saw it has been that long.  I guess once May 28th got here and we officially started summer that having all 4 kiddos home all day has taken up most of my time. Imagine that! ha!
We are so excited because this Friday, these two very special people are on their way all the way from NY (my birth place and home for the first 18 years of my life) are coming to see us.
Our last day together last summer 2010 when they came to visit.
Otherwise known as Nana and Papa (or my mom and dad) !  Since the boys are in public school and  they still live in NY we only get to see them once a year because the distance is so great we never have enough time except summers to get to travel to see each other.   The exciting thing about this trip next week (they are staying the whole month of July) is that since my grandma's passing in November (she was 96 and couldn't travel anymore and mom didn't want to leave her for long periods of time) and my dad's retiring this summer they are now free to come see us more often.   They recently purchased a 5th wheel trailer and are planning on looking for a place to bring it down in the late fall of this year if all goes as planned to stay here most of the winter and spring months.   We couldn't be more thrilled-our children have never lived near one of their sets of grandparents and they are so excited that they may be coming here to live part of the year.  They are thrilled that they will be here to see concerts and award things at school, dance recitals, church concerts, all sorts of things that they have missed out on being so far away from us the last 13 years.   Dad has had some health concerns with his one kidney, cancerous cells showing up in urine tests, but no tumors found anywhere so they have been and will continue to keep an eye on that, at this point that would be the only thing that might keep them from being able to go through with their plan to come here.  So, we are praying that he stays healthy.   God knows and His ways are always higher than our ways, we are just trusting His plans.

We don't have any big plans like last year-these were taken in Corpus Christi-we had a wonderful time there-it was beautiful and so relaxing but we still plan on having a great visit.  I know they will be shocked at how the kids have grown-I was amazed when I was putting these on here-when you are around them every day it doesn't seem that they have changed much but when I pulled these up I was shocked at how they have all grown so and filled out-not my little babies anymore.
I hope that you all are having a wonderful summer-it has been soooooo hot here-most days these last 3 weeks have been over 100 (between 103-108)  we have been taking swimming lessons for a month-those end this week and even my Alyssa is now going off the diving board (which is huge-she drown in a swimming pool 3 years ago and had to be rushed to the hospital and resuscitated) a day I will never forget and that I am so thankful that God's plan was not to take her home yet.  So, since then she has gone swimming but would not jump off the diving board-this week she has done it at least 20 times now-no longer afraid, God is good!
We are planning on trying to stay cool whatever we end up doing (not an easy task for sure)!
Just looking forward to spending time with our family, most of all our Nana and Papa and loving and appreciating every moment. :)
Saying goodbye last summer!

Mom and Dad on the beach in CC.

I will hopefully have lots to post about while they are here.
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Trisha said...

Savor every minute, my sweet friend. So glad God has given you this special time together! What a gift!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Soak in EVERY minute with your parents. What special memories will be made as you spend this time together.

Praying for you dad as well..that his health be restored.

Blessings my friend.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh how wonderful...have a very blessed time. That is a treasure...enjoy, enjoy!

Janet said...

Beautiful family pictures. Our children sure do grow up so fast. It will be fun for them to have their Nana and Papa close.
I will add your dads health issues to my prayer list.

Janet Cowan