Thursday, January 7, 2010

So long since I have posted

When I first started my blog again I couldn't wait to sit down and be able to write about all that happens in the Jones family on a daily basis-whew-lots to write about but no time to write it!  It seems since the last time I posted, there have been things like Trick-or-Treating-sick children-Thanksgiving-sick children again-Christmas concerts and activities and church and school and yes once again sick children (one actually throwing up on Christmas morning-I know TMI!) but this time is has hung on and all 6 of us have gotten it and the cough with it is still hanging on.
I am hoping to get some inspiration over the next few very cold (high of 27 in West Texas almost unheard of) days and find some time to post.  I think not to mention knowing that so far I have 4 followers makes me a little sad-so I am starting the New Year with a new look and attitude on many things in my life.
I am so blessed and I am looking forward to what God has planned for 2010-even though I still have trouble writing that on everything-it ends up 010 before I catch myself. lol
Just a bit of something I will leave you with for the day:
True dependence is not simply asking God to bless what you have to decided to do. It [true dependence] is coming to Him with an open mind and heart, inviting Him to plant His desires within you!"
I am hoping that this year I will learn to come to Him with an open heart and mind when it comes to anything I am facing in my life.  He has never failed me yet!  Thanks for stopping by-till next time I am still on the Pathway to Purpose and loving each step leading me there.



Nancy said...

I love you Jilly!

Queen Diva said...

Oh, my goodness, how I understand not having time to blog - or time to READ blogs for that matter! Love the pictures - you all look wonderful! BTW, you did NOT bug me about not blogging! At ALL! I love ya, girl.