Sunday, October 25, 2009

I love fresh baked bread-especially around the holidays.

Well if you have known me for any length of time one thing you would have to say about me (ok-kind things only please!) is that I love to bake!!  I also love to eat especially baked goodies but we will leave that topic for another time.
Anyways, I was thrilled when my mom sent me and e-mail today that when you click on it a name of a bread in the e-mail it takes you to a recipe for that bread!  Yeah!!!
I tried to copy and paste it in here but it didn't work so I am going to give you the address to the site instead and hope that you can go there and then click on Mrs Claus' kitchen.
Much to my surprise when I got there not only were there great recipes for BREADS- but also CAKES-COOKIES-FUDGE & CANIES-PIES AND OTHER RECIPES.   It is backed full of wonderful ideas for baking up a storm for the holidays.
I also realized that I had been to this site 5 years ago and they have great activities for your kids on here-games to play-coloring pages-you can write a note to Santa and he writes back and there are even stories where you can but in your child's name to personalize the story and then print it out.  One year back 5 years ago when I was on here I printed out the questions for my daughter Alyssa'a kindergarten class-had them answer them and the teacher sent them back to me and I print out each of the stories with the kids names and answers in them-laminated them and then gave them to them at the Christmas party.  It was a lot of fun.  Alyssa still has hers saved-just an idea if you have the time-resources and a small enough class to do it with-her class had 20 kids.
Anyways-I know this was not too exciting but I wanted to share it-I am always up for new recipes and ideas.
I have wanted to post on here before today but we have 3 of our 4 sick with really icky colds and so I have been running around all weekend trying to make them well.  Ready for winter to be over all ready-just the sick part anyway. Well and since they have all been sick for so long and both Mike and I ended up with it too I didn't get this posted till today-past the holidays. I actually had forgotten that I had even started it until I got on today. I think you can still get on the site though and get great recipes and ideas for next year.

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