Thursday, March 15, 2012

Signs of Spring

We had so much rain last week I was beginning to think about building an ark but it finally stopped and after the rain starting coming beautiful signs of spring-one of my favorite times of the year.  A time of the year that I think most represents our walk as a Christian-God takes the old, dead, ugly, sinful part of us (like our grass, and trees right now) and make them new and beautiful, just like He does our lives.  When Christ enters our life He take the old, ulgy, sinful nature and turns us into something new-something beautiful, full of His glory!
A bush outside of our house that is starting to get it's leaves.

Another bush in our front yard-starting to show signs of new life.

Little white flowers that started blooming in our grass that was way over grown till I got to mow on Tuesday.

Some kind of little flower (I think it is a weed actually) but purple is my favorite color and even God made weeds pretty. :)

My sweet baby girl out enjoying the sun and warmer temps (little did we know that she would wake up throwing up that night as we all started with the stomach bug this week for spring break.)

Looking at bugs

Look these rocks will squish these bugs-ha!  Sorry to any bug lovers-she was discovering the circle of life. :)

Time to slide -

Yay!  I made it down and on my feet!! (yes that is our grass that is ankle high-I told you it rained a lot)

Not so lucky this time-miss my feet

Pure sweetness-love this blessing God gave us after great loss and much heartache.

Trampoline fun!

A little static on the trampoline you think?!

More fun with the static-great hair raising experince. ha!

I just loved this shot because she was so deep in thought-watching the bugs she hadn't smashed with the rocks-crawl on the rock in her hand.  She was amazed by it all.  I love the sun hitting her hair and her sweet thoughtful face.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of our spring with you so far-loving the warmer temperatures and the flowers and trees and grass growing and most of all that we are all finally getting over this stomach bug-praise the Lord.

On This Pathway-

Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple and Delicious

What is a girl to do when she goes for a root canal, on a tooth, that out of the blue makes her wake up with a swollen face? Then gets to the dentist only to find all of the infection is not gone (even though she was on antibiotics and was already numbed up with so many shots that she couldn't eat for 8 hours?) I'll tell you what I did-feel sorry for myself and make an awesome recipe(since I could finally eat) that I found on Pineterest the other day.

Chocolate Chip Oreo Brownies-yummy-no calories here (wink)
Really easy-starts with this

First layer-chocolate chip cookie mix

Second layer-Oreo Cookies

Third layer the brownie mix

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes-this is what the inside looks like in all of it's yumminess.

Scoop it in a bowl with some yummy ice cream on top and enjoy!

So simple and absolutely delicious.  I don't think it really made my tooth feel any better but it was so yummy to eat after going all day with nothing that I enjoyed this bowl of sweetness throughly. :)

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