Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beauty in my backyard

I love, just love butterflies and when I went out to our backyard to escape the sickness going on in our household since last Friday-(a stomach bug that is just lingering) I saw all these beautiful butterflies in our backyard.  I ran back in to get my camera so I could get a few pictures.  I love to photograph them-they have such beauty.  I think God hand paints the wings of each of these beautiful creatures!

Thankfully I think we may finally be on the mend.  I will be so glad-I feel like I need to bleach everything in the house and I am really sleepy-all I did the last few nights is run from one child to the next with a trash can so we could run to the bathroom.  Thankful that God is healing them all and that I was well enough through it all to take care of everyone, even my poor sweet hubby who caught it.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just something that makes me laugh!

This just makes me giggle every time I drive by it-I had my camera with me when I was going passed it the other day so I pulled into the parking lot across the street and took and photo.
I wonder if they did that on purpose?! lol

PS This isn't far from my house, just a few blocks, maybe I could walk to eat my donuts and drop off the next time the clothes that then don't fit. hehe

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Hero Home Schoolers

I promise we really do homeschool during the day-but sometimes when life just seems a little too overwhelming-just one of those days when things have been a little too tough-
What is a girl to do but put on her handmade super hero mask and save the people in the house of their long day!
My sweet girl with her mask that she and her brother made at Art Walk downtown last night.

Of course I had to wear one too-a girl can't fight crime all by herself-at least not in my daughter's eyes-so I had to wear Derek's mask.  Only fair that we both look silly right?!

Happy Friday!

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The Wonder Twins

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Analeigh and our Pre-K Work Today

Well, I finally got Pre-K work laminated for Analeigh to work on while I am schooling Alyssa.  She is only 3 so some of it I have for her is a little above her abilities right now but one of the things we worked on today (I got from a free download I got from a great blog I follow) Confessions of a Homeschooler.
I really like her blog-it is full of great HS ideas and she has a Pre-K child that she has lots of great ideas she does with her children.  She has items you can buy and download, but she has a ton of free things you can download and I have printed and laminated quite a bit of great stuff to be able to work on with Analeigh in the future.
Today I decided we would get out some of the Pre-Writing Practice sheets I had gotten from her site.  I printed them out and laminated them the other day so we could write on them over and over again with a dry erase markers or these dry erase crayons from Crayola that I found and love.   I wasn't sure how she would do-even though I think she is pretty advanced for 3-lol-I know you are laughing and saying to yourself right now, every mother does Jill, but my Alyssa really struggles with school and I am aware of that fact-so I do live in the real world. :)
Anyways, she had such a great time doing these and I was so impressed with how well she did with them-I took pictures to share.   If you have a Pre-K age child and do not already follow Confessions of a Homeschooler-I would highly recommend it, it is worth your time, she has super ideas on there and she is so kind to share so many of them for free too. :)
When we first started I just told her what to do-as you can see she just started to scribble around the letter O but once I showed her what to do, she took off.  Yes we HS in our jammies a lot of the time.

Once I showed her how to do-look how good she did that second "O" and the curvy lines-I was a proud mama. :)

She even traced the line the Pp were on-lol!

Showing her work-I was impressed.

Erasing her line since it wasn't quite right.  That would be her mama there.

This one cracked me up.   I was working with Alyssa and she was doing this-I came back to find after about 20 minutes of doing this she thought those squares were just too boring.  She added faces and hair and legs and arms.  Even the curvy line has a heart with a face at the end.  Now that is her daddy, the artist, coming out in her and he will be very proud! :)
We had a good day, long after the break again, it is hard getting off our schedule and back on again.  Still schooling at 3:00 today and I need to leave to get the boys, we also have dance tonight so we will have to end soon and play catch up tomorrow I guess.  Some days are just harder than others.
Over all today was a good day though.

On this Pathway-
Praising Him for the beautiful 53 degree temperatures this am-just a few days ago we were still at 90 in the am and 115 during the day.  I love fall-looking forward to cooler temps to walk again.